Sensoper Controls LLC is the sole distributor of Sensoper branded products . Our aim is to provide world class products for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. IoT devices and solutions are deployed in increasingly complex environments, across the world and on multiple standards. The vision of our company is to be recognized globally as a leading provider of IOT products and services by our clients.

Sensoper products are manufactured at the highest standards, using the original and the best components and sold at competitive prices. We smoothly integrate edge devices, gateways and cloud platforms to provide you with a perfectly architected IoT ecosystem.

Sensoper products are widely used in IOT solutions, automation projects, industrial solutions, remote monitoring and prototype applications. Students from educational institutions can make use of these controllers for testing their development programs. Engineering sector technical experts may utilize in immediate deployment for upgrades and as an add-on for their production facility or any kind of electro-mechanical control system environments etc.

Our products are designed and developed for ease of use, ready to fit in the existing environment, to implement the application without any necessity for any additional or major hardware changes, modifications etc. All controllers are ready to connect with a wide range of sensors and also ready to connect with cloud, for wireless connectivity and for communications via GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi, LoRa 406 , LoRa 896, NB IOT NB95G etc.

Expandability of Inputs and outputs is flexible and simple to implement with a selection of add-on expanders. The availability of both Input and Output types in one single controller allows more benefits and is economical to design and execute the solution. Third party controller connectivity via RS485 – Modbus protocol, I2C communication, MQTT, HTTP, CoAP protocol support is also available.

We have built our controllers to have an open source programing option, where it enables users to have more control on their program developments, limitless applications, and use. Arduino software (IDE) allows to create functionality using the sketches created by the users based on their wide range of applications and connectivity conditions.