Can we use sensoper controllers for M2M applications?

Yes, its possible to use in wide range of applications as M2M requires real time monitoring of sensors, transfer the data via various communication links, exchange of information’s, secure to use with implementing hand shake, alarm signaling etc with appropriate configuration and settings.

How simple is it to use sensoper controllers for IOT?

It is ready to use with very minimal configuration changes like Host ID, login credentials of the host devices. Sample program available in our Support section to download with MQTT configuration.

Have the Sensoper controllers be used in HVAC industry ?

We have customers who have implemented FAHU’s monitoring for Chill water temperature, supply air temperature, supply air pressure, Air filter status, various sensors data collected and integrated via MQTT using Sensoper controllers.

FCU’s has been controlled, monitored using Sensoper controllers integrating with Sensoper room temperature / humidity sensors.

We don’t see a controller suitable for our use / application in the product section, will Sensoper be able to offer a customized solution and hardware ?

Yes, we do undertake special application controller design, supply of hardware, customized programing solutions. Please send us the requirements with a detailed information to we will review and get back with a feedback within 24 – 48 hours.

If we require support related to programing for a educational project, industrial application for the controllers purchased from Sensoper range, will you be able to assist?

Yes, we do support related to the programing for the controllers purchased from sensoper. We would request to send the programing requirement to our support team , who will review and advice the feedback.

What’s the benefit of using Sensoper Controllers instead of an ESP32 development board ?

Sensoper controllers are developed for wide range of solutions and mainly industrial applications with required isolation and immunity to interference. Moreover, the voltage levels of supply, inputs and outputs are made compatible with industrial voltage standards. All the inputs and communications interfaces are protected against surge voltages for enhanced reliability.

Sensoper controller’s are in a ready to deploy pack with wall mount and panel mount supports.

We have a requirement to deploy a set of controllers and have connectivity to various sensors, will Sensoper be able to assist in selection of the appropriate Controller and solutions ?

Yes, we do offer support and assistance to customers who requires product selection where there is a difficulty in making decisions as there are many options and products range. Feel free to write and mail us at , our technical team will get back to you with an feedback within 24-48 hours.

What would be the time line to design, produce, supply any new customized product and solutions ?

It all depends on the product requirements, normally we would take maximum 3-4 working days to finalize any standard solution and will offer for customer review, upon confirmation of the Design and solutions we move to the production of hardware. In normal circumstances, for a quantity of up to 100 units production, assembly, testing & programming for a standard type controller it may require maximum of 7 -10 working days. However, if any of the components are of special type, special design then the delivery timeline may vary based on the situations.